Each day I launch ACDSee Pro 9 I am presented by the message from Norton's Antivirus that some action requires Norton's Account verification. If I select OK, I am transported to the Norton's account login page and I log in. The error goes away all day. If I don't complete the login, the message comes each time I launch ACDSee during the day. I can close the the window without Authenticating and everything seams normal during that session. The message appears each time afterwards until I finally login. I have reinstalled Norton's and ACDSee but the error still appears. My system is : Windows 10 Pro -64 w/16g ram, I-7 3.0g processor, SSD boot and Data on separate drive.
I also get this message on my 32bit Windows 10- Pro.
Norton's support couldn't explain why this is occuring.
Can anyone explain this action and how can I get rid of this anoying action.