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My observations with Version 4.0.262

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  • My observations with Version 4.0.262

    Using Version 4.0.262 on Mac Sierra 10.12.03

    1. deleted picture does not disappear in view mode
    2. when renaming with alt + cmd + enter the mouse has to be used to locate the cursor in the name window
    3. Saved batch preset does not appear in the top manage mode bar „batch dropdown“ as in previous pro version. Two additional clicks are necessary: first open the specific batch window (e.g. rename); sencond select advanced tab; third select the saved template from the dropdown.
    4. double klick on jpg file does open ACDSee but the photo is not shown
    5. When moving files per drag and drop in the manage mode the program crashes many times

    I hope this is useful information for you guys. Looking forward to the next release.
    Best regards,
    Torben (Germany)

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    I noted that there is no way in my ACDsee Beta 262 version to set up Restore to Original. As soon as I have a picture saved, I have no chance to revert it to the original one.


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      I can now toggle through images in the view mode. This was not possible in previous version.


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        Hi all:

        Thank you for your feedback.

        1. Were you doing any specific operation before deleting the image? Were you deleting the image in a Smart folder?
        2. This is a known issue and is filed in our internal bug tracking system.
        3. Do you not have the Batch drop down menu at the top left hand corner?
        4. This is a known issue and is filed in our internal bug tracking system.
        5. Can you elaborate more on the specifics on the operation? Were you dragging and dropping images? Multiple images? Were you dragging to the folder tree or in the file list?

        Did you commit changes to the image after developing? What type of image did this occur on? Is this issue reproducible every time?