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Missing image browsing capabilities.

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  • Missing image browsing capabilities.

    I've testing the beta for two weeks and unfortunately some of the most useful features that I loved in the Windows versions, aren't present here.
    I really hope that those will be present in the final version.

    1. When I delete a file in the "manage" mode or in the "view" mode, the next file is not automatically selected/opened, so I cannot quickly delete a few images in a row. I have to manually navigate to the next one and then delete it. This slows me down significantly since I usually review huge number of files and delete most of them.
    2. There is no option to sort the folders first and then the files (like in the Windows version). This should be possible in all of the sorting options. Please guys!
    3. Please improve the device browsing. Instead of just show the drives in the left pane, expand the structure tree once the drive is selected. Just like in the Windows version. This will make the browsing so much faster and easier. Otherwise we literally get lost in the structure especially when it contain a lot of sub folders.

    Users who work with graphic files without libraries and tags will really appreciate those improvements! It's a real pain to review hundreds of files without them.
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