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Confusion and clarity across the ACDSee products - Naming, functionality, etc.

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  • Confusion and clarity across the ACDSee products - Naming, functionality, etc.

    As a relatively new user of ACDSee products, I find difficulty in understanding the different product naming across ACDsee products. For example:
    - How does a “photo studio” product compare with a product labeled “ultimate” or “Pro”?
    - Does the “10” or “20” somehow denote capabilities increasing or does the increase/decrease in capabilities show in the “ultimate”, “pro”, and “neither ultimate or pro”?
    - Where does the “canvas” come into the functionality spectrum?
    - The products “photo editor”, “video converter “ (and here we have “pro” and “not pro” coming up again), and “video studio” seem to be self-describing, BUT
    - I can’t see if these editors or converters or studio products are sub-sets of the above-mentioned “pro”, “ultimate”, and “not Pro, not ultimate” products or are they add-ons?

    Two caveats: I was in Product Mkting for the 2nd largest computer company world-wide (in mid-80s) and we had product lines and sub products galore. We were continually challenged to get the product naming, model numbers and etc. to be coherent and consistent so that customers could navigate our products. And, importantly, understand when to upgrade or buy additional, etc to increase our market share and revenue. So I understand how product naming and related functionality can be a challenge between engineering, marketing and sales.

    Secondly, I’m not an in-depth user of things graphic, photographic, video and graphic industrial production. Therefore, maybe the above-itemized which is confusing for me is clear to folks who cut their teeth on early Photoshop and moved from silver halide photo technology and graphics (remember Tri-X at ASA 400) and are well along to moving to this brave new and continually expanding world. I may need “educating” to appreciate ACDSee’s product naming, functionality levels and relationships, etc. However, I’m thinking that ACDSee may want to expand its TAM (Total Available Market) beyond the deep-experience folks to us rather newbie and more timid users of pixels, emerging cameras, etc.

    Any comments from the product managers?

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    LOL! I'm not an employee, just another user, but it seems to me, that ACDSee Systems has never been very good at naming their products! Some corporate cultures have a knack for names and some do not.


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      The support folks at AC/DC have always been really responsive to me over the probably 15 years I’ve use the products, on windows of course in the early years.

      So, I expected a product manager to respond to this request for clarification and the product line. I am strongly suggesting that if you get clarity and consistency in product naming, you may well experience an increase in the sales for the reasons mentioned in my original post.

      Any product managers around to comment on product naming, relating product naming to functionality, etc.?


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        Amen to that. As someone who can't even recall how long he's been using ACDSee (Amiga Version 4?) and who can find 24 various license key in his account I have to agree. Sometimes I wasn't sure what was the difference among the various products I had at the same time.

        FredBal4: As someone on product marketing, don't you think it's just as it seems... a way to entice someone (me) into having purchaced ACD Photo Editor at the same time as the basic product? ;-) Also, speaking of clarity.... you say you are a "relatively new user of ACDSee products" as well that support has been responsive "over the probably 15 years I've used the products." That's relatively new? What does it take to be an old hand?