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Batch rename Raw/jpeg files (Acdsee Windows Versions Vs Mac)

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  • Batch rename Raw/jpeg files (Acdsee Windows Versions Vs Mac)

    When I import images form my camera they appear for example has DSC001.NEF and DSC001.jpg......

    I want to rename these images e.g.
    DSC001.NEF ---------> TEST01.NEF
    DSC001.jpg --------- > TEST01.jpg.

    But the batch rename does this" TEST01.NEF; TEST02.jpg, etc....

    On the Acdsee Windows Versions I don't have this problem, the rename is done correctly as TEST01.NEF and TEST01.jpg,

    Is this option avaiable or will be avaiable on ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac? If it's available what is necessary to configure?
    Because it doesn´t make sense to separate the files in different folders to rename the NEF and then the JPEG correctly, when it's possible to do this action simultaneously.

    Tks in advance for the feedback.
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