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Beta 4 now available!

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  • Beta 4 now available!

    ACDSee Photo Studio Beta 4 is now available for download. Thank you for helping make ACDSee better.

    Sign up to try ACDSee Photo Studio Beta and let us know if you have any feedback!

    The ACDSee Team

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    Good Job management, support and development team! V4 is a winner; (so far so good) :-)


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      It would have been nice if the "Update" feature would have worked to upgrade to Version 4 ..... but it obviously does not!!!

      ......please note that I tried to attach a standard size picture of the update message "You currently have the latest version". But for some strange reason the imported picture only appears as a tiny image.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Version 4 update.jpg
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        I miss Geotagging, like in the windows-version very!


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          Beta 4 seamless install....would have liked it to install over bata 3 to avoid having to adjust preferences again. No big deal, small price to pay.


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            Yesterday I got a message that there was a new Beta update. So I installed. I'm not even sure it's specifically for Mac. The main window looks like the Windows' Version, which I do not like at all. But the main issue is that I cannot seem to find a way to show any of my tags or categories. I have tagged over 150,000 items and there's no way I want to go through that AGAIN! I will continue to use the old Beta Photo Studio for Mac until I can figure out how to use the new update.


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              I agree with Courthouse - how do we update our tags and keywords from original ACDSee Mac Pro to see if keywords are carried over to Beta version?


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                Some features still missing, like click to rename folder on folder tree. White edges appears after straightening picture remain, I remember there is no such problem in version 2. Seem more stable, but previous experience told me that stability will decline after some time, so far so good. Thank you.


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                  Just downloaded and installed this beta. And I must say that it looks promising. I had almost given up on you. And pretty annoyed over how you left us Mac users in the cold with the pro 3 version I 've been searching for an alternative for a couple of months. Just keep the promise that version 3 licenses will be upgraded for free and its all forgiven. After testing around with the alternatives I know for sure that a well working acdsee sw is by far the best alternative so please please take this all the way. I promise to post issues, if I find any!


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                    Hello StefanNilsson,

                    Thank you for the feedback and I do apologize for ACDSee Pro 3 for Mac. Please be assured that version 3.x customers will receive a free upgrade to version 4.



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                      Hi Mark,

                      That is REALLY GREAT to hear!! I was one of many Windows to Mac converts and after paying for ACDSee Pro 2, followed by ACDSee Pro 3, I could not believe that ACDSee Pro 3 basically curled up and died after a short time.

                      Just like many other Forum members I also got a bunch of trial versions of various Photo Editing applications and am currently testing Luminar which has VERY high ratings. But all in all I would far prefer to stay with ACDSee. Especially if it can be used as a plug-in for Aperture. The plug-in to Aperture or at least "compatible external editor" feature is still a must for me, as I use Aperture to manage my large number of picture libraries and thousands of pictures. And using both Aperture and ACDSee together would provide me with an absolute great set of tools. I could even live with some of the missing features in ACDSee (such as for example a Clone, Repair, Stamp tool) as Aperture has that.




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                        Purchased ACDSee Pro 3 and was soooo disappointed with its performance and so was pretty pleased to see the Beta release of ACDSee Photo Studio 3. I opened the software yesterday to see that it had expired!! I'd like to know why I didn't receive a notification of the expiry and a link to ACDSee Photo Studio Beta 4? BTW I have checked my junk email folder and nothing there advising me.


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                          I also went to use the Mac Beta this morning and it says the license is expired. How do we renew the license? Thanks


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                            Hi Radbug,

                            ACDSee Beta 3 expired April 30. Please download and install Beta 4 from:

                            Sign up to try ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac Beta and let us know if you have any feedback.


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                              Beta 4. I have always using ACDsee product on Windows for many years which is my favourite software. Now I m using on a new Apple iMac. I have download the Beta 3 then upgrade to Beta 4. I m disappointed that there is no editor as I always use on crop, clone, etc... On Beta 4, only on Manage, View and Develop. Also on the left side pane there is no icons list to click the app. Can you tell me why? I appreciate your time.