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...NO...Tumbnails in ACDSee PhotoStudio BETA Vers. 4.0.430

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  • ...NO...Tumbnails in ACDSee PhotoStudio BETA Vers. 4.0.430

    since i updated to Beta 6, all my Pictures cant be shown as a preview Thumbnail, nor Thumbs show any Pictures, instead i got Symbol, with the file name on the bottom..

    It seems to me that every up-date I will get a new surprise..

    Please let me know, when my ACDSee for Mac will run as before, up to wish extend I have to struggle with this sh*t..?

    If I'm to stupid, please let me know how to proceed, that the Thumbnails will show a gain a Picture in a preview mode.

    Best Regards, to those they hang still in.

  • #2 there a chance to get an answer..?

    I would like to repair my ACDSee PhotoStudio BETA Vers. 4.0.430

    in such a way , that I can see and work with pictured thumbnails again..

    BTW.: has someone worked with the BATCH Function, it has regularly crashed here. ...
    Kind Regards


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      Hi MixMax,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      First of all, please confirm you are running Beta 6 (version 4.0.430) on a supported Mac OS version, i.e. 10.11 or 10.12.

      If so, please try the following steps to get a fresh start (NOTE: These steps will remove your ACDSee Beta Database).

      Step 1: Remove ACDSee Beta from the application folder.

      Step 2: Remove User configuration for ACDSee Beta:

      - In Finder's menu bar, click Go and choose "Go to Folder". Type '~/Library'. Or hold down the Option key (may be Shift key on some machines) while clicking on "Go" menu and then click "Library"

      - Navigate to "~/Library/Application Support/ACD Systems"
      delete "ACDSeeBeta"

      - Navigate to "~/Library/Preferences"
      delete "com.ACDSystems.ACDSeePhotoStudio.plist"

      - Navigate to "~/Library/Caches"
      delete "com.ACDSystems.ACDSeePhotoStudio"

      Step 3: Remove the ACDSee Beta configuration stored on the system Library

      - In the Finder, click Go and then click Computer
      - Open your hard drive, for example, Macintosh HD

      - Navigate to "/Library/Application Support/ACD Systems"
      delete "ACDSeeBeta"

      Step 4: Reinstall ACDSee Beta

      Please let me know if thumbnails appear after doing these steps.

      Best regards,


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        Hello David,
        1. I can confirm that I'm using : ACDSee Beta : ACDSee BetaVersion: 4.0 (430)
        2. My MacOs vers. is : OS X El Captain 10.11.6
        3. the step's 1-4 are done this afternoon again and again, using a fresh download of the latest Version I could download
        • But the loving Thumbnails didn't appeared, instead of seeing my Pictures as thumbs, I got an ACDSee Thumb as a place holder
        • I can also report, that using the "Property-Pane" View (Window) I'm protected to edit my Data IPTC etc. , nor can I see my EXIF Data..
        • and closing the Property-Pane--> established a Program crash..
        • Batch didnt work (e.g. crashed)
        So my List of dysfunctions is big enough and I'm hoping that a future Version will bring back my ACDSee for Mac will run again -smooth-,
        • I'm struggling so long and repeatedly with this SW, it's hard to believe that I haven't give up.
        Kind regards
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          Hi MixMax,

          Thank you for replying to me and I'm sorry those steps did not work. I've investigated this issue and I believe I've found the cause.
          I saw from your screenshot that you are using 10.11 and OS language is German. So I used the same environment as you.

          Sure enough, I could reproduce your issue.

          The reason is that Beta 6 is not handling localized folder names properly. By localized folder names, I mean for example "Benutzer" (localization of "Users"), "Programme" (localization of "Applications"), etc. Any image whose path contains a localized folder name will fail to show thumbnail and metadata.

          You may notice that thumbnails and metadata will appear for images whose path does not contain a localized folder name (e.g. network shares, removable drives, or local folders outside of /Users or /Applications).

          Also, this issue only seems to occur in 10.11, not 10.12.

          I've reviewed this issue with our lead developer and it is scheduled to be fixed in the next release. We intend to release Beta 7 by the end of this month.

          Thank you for your assistance with this issue and my apologies for the inconvenience.
          I hope you can give Beta 7 a try when it's ready.

          Best regards,


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            Hi David,
            apologize for long absence, from this thread, good to hear that you where able to reproduce my former situation (aka problems).

            Today I'm able to report that
            a) I have given Beta "7" a try, and most of all my problems are diapering.., the thumbnails are back again, it works so far stable, even those Batch-Problems are gone, "BZ" = well done.!
            b) the remaining problem is, after using the View of "Properties-Pane" and adding some Fields (e.g. in the IPTC-Core).. it's able I can do that incl. saving it to the Photograph-data,
            but when I will later de-select the View of the Properties-Pane, ACDSee Beta 7 is hanging up, e.g. non responsive anymore,
            I have to shut down the App, hopefully this can be fixed in a new Vers.

            Thanks for Your support and Help
            Kind Regards