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  • Are we done yet?

    You know folks, we are at the 6th version of a beta, nowhere near completion, problems still scattered all over the place, no image retouching capability, on and on. Many of us are working hard to help out but it's getting frustrating not having anything to be able to work with reliably. Are we there yet?

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    From what I have read, Apple will be making big changes in their OS. Will ACDSee catch up?


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      I guess they have a long way to go even if things are getting better. They need to add more adjustments tools including the ability to use local adjustments. They need layers, cloning, inpainting tools and so on. In my opinion they should have waited to release any beta of this software before they had more tools in place. People are getting impatient and I can understand that. If things are not working or take to long, they go somewhere else. I also think that the responses on this forum is to slow. But probably the software will be released soon without the absolutely necessary tools and a mistake will be made. It cost money to develop software like this and often the companies are to impatient and release the software before its actually ready to be published to the world. So my advice is, add all the necessary tools, test it properly and I mean properly, compare the results (Raw Files) to DXO Optics Pro, Capture One and if they are close, Release it, if not do it better and try again. Many uses Raw files and a bad Raw converter will stay about 10 minutes on my machine anyway. So test it properly, add tools, make it superb and you will have a winner on Mac OS X.
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        My advice is to forget the Mac version until such time it's equivalent to the Windows version. In the mean time if your Mac has good specs, run your Mac with VMware Fusion or Parallels and install ACDSee Ultimate and run it under windows. I have been running the ACDSee Windows version for many years without any headaches. The draw back it will cost quit a bit of money if you have to buy Windows 10, ACDSee Ultimate plus VMware Fusion or Parallels. I mainly use ACDSee Ultimate for cataloging and Capture One for editing. I do testing for Capture One, but the big difference between them and ACDSee they listen to their customers and you can setup their software to your own liking.


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          It's a shame when they delete posts because of negative comments.


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            Originally posted by harpo View Post
            It's a shame when they delete posts because of negative comments.
            Harpo I deleted some of those myself because on reflection, it does not help nor speed up the development but at least it puts a bug in their ear, hopefully. I just don't want to create a line topic where everyone can continually dump on ACD. Having said all that, it still is frustrating how snail like the development is progressing. I have switched all my work to the new Photos (High Sierra) and have enough plug in's to take care of any image correction issues.You get used to catalogs and in some instances they can be preferable. Down side is the organization is very different but again once you get used to it.


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              Please be assured ACD is not in the habit of removing posts. We only remove posts that are offensive. We do not remove posts that are critical / negative and reasonably written.

              We appreciate all feedback, including criticism. Please be assured, we read all posts and take that feedback for internal discussions.

              Regarding the release, we are planning another beta (Beta 8) and hope to have a full release ready for late Oct to early Nov 2017. Believe me, we're doing the best we can to release ASAP. We do want to sell ACDSee Mac...

              Thank you,


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                Thank you Mark, I think we all know that's the case and continue our support of the bata irrespective of frustrations on the parts of both users and developers. We all look forward to a unique app.


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                  I have to agree with the OP. I purchased the MAC version when we switched in 2015. 2 years later, it is STILL in beta. My wife and I loved it on Windows, but Windows is so messed up and unsafe that we switched for a better user experience. In fact, I have been using the Windows Version since V4.x!!!!! We finally, in total frustration, purchased Affinity. And they have an add on module coming for DAM. Don't get me wrong, we LOVE ACDSee, and the iOS version works really well. In fact, there was a great write up today on f-stoppers about how great the Windows Version is, and how great the MAC version will be - either they know something we don't know, or they have not seen anything about the beta.

                  I really hope ACDSEE gets it together, because a LOT of loyal customers are going elsewhere - I mean really - over 2 years in beta???


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                    There was a time where I felt like I couldn't live without ACDSee as my photo organizer and viewer. I've owned every version of ACDsee PC version since 6 and every macOs version. After the last year, I've learned to use other software. There are 2 things that I find incredibly disappointing with ACDSee. I have written posts about these 2 topics, yet they never get fixed.

                    1. The Fit Image selection does not work. I should be able to select Fit Image and all of the images fill the screen regardless if the image has to be enlarged or reduced. It works on the PC version perfectly. Why can't this be fixed on the macOS version, especially since ACDSee includes the options on the Preferences tool. I don't want to see a tiny image that fills half the screen that I then have to zoom into to fill the screen. I want the image to fill the screen when I select Fit Image. Fix this pronto! Please, I'm begging you.

                    2. Gestures do not work. I cannot rotate an image 90 degrees using ACDsee. It will only zoom into the image. It will not rotate the image. Fix this pronto! Please, I'm begging you.

                    Thank you for reading.


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                      Originally posted by davidR View Post
                      From what I have read, Apple will be making big changes in their OS. Will ACDSee catch up?
                      Running the High Sierra Beta OS and already see issues popping up in beta7. Good news is the image database is still stable with 50K images loaded.


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                        LeChiffre what issues are you seeing with High Sierra? I am planning to upgrade, as it is now available, but have reservations.


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                          See the Bug Reports section for found issues in V8 with High Sierra. Latest High Sierra OS is 10.13.1 Mac OS 10.13 had Safari broken, shortly fixed in 10.13.1

                          Just musing: Apple released developers Beta OS almost a year ago. ACD seems to be the last at the party again. Don't quite understand. All my other apps updated quickly.

                          Before upgrading be sure to backup first, but we all do that anyway....

                          I'll keep giving feedback on ACD but have switched all serious work to Apple Photos. Absolute rock solid, now even faster and more capable under High Sierra. Never misses a beat and have a half dozen plug-ins that are also rock stable. I can do anything with it. Had to do something the way this is going and sticking with Apple is the most reliable path for now and perhaps into the future; even Adobe stuff doesn't measure up now. With the Power Photos app added to Photos, I can pretty much do what ACD does to merge files and catalogs or manipulate blocks of images through external storage.

                          And yet I'm still liking ACD's clean approach if it would just work one day.....
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