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What is magenta icon?

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  • What is magenta icon?

    On a few of my tiff image files, there is a magenta circle beside the tagging check box lower right, solid magenta on the upper left half diagonally, a magenta outline only on lower right half. What does it mean?

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    I have the same question. In fact, in my case the files are mostly JPGs. So obviously it has nothing to do with the file type. And the help text in the BETA version does not help either. If anyone wants to see an actual picture of the icons in question, simply click on this LINK:

    Note: a loooooong time ago I indicated a problem with the Bug Reporter's attachment feature. Yes, you guessed it. It still does not work. That's why I have to share my pictures of any issue by placing them into my Dropbox and then sharing the link to them in the actual Post. Here is the LINK to the error message I get when I try to upload an image:

    Hope this works....


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      Yup, that's it. Thanks for posting the link, Tahunga. Since I posted I have also found the symbol on some jpg files too, and they may have been processed before the beta came out, so maybe it is not a new symbol in ACDSee.


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        So what does the magenta icon mean; I'm confused


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          Hi all,

          The magenta icon indicates the image has been Developed by ACDSee. Previously the icon was a blue square with a pencil. We updated the icon in Beta 7 to be more in line with ACDSee for Windows.

          Best regards,