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ACDSee Photo Studio Mac Beta -- Known Issues

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  • ACDSee Photo Studio Mac Beta -- Known Issues

    ACDSee Photo Studio Mac Beta -- Known Issues
    Updated June 16, 2017
    1. Can't Save As and can't read EXIF metadata for some RAW formats (ARW, PEF, NRW, SRW, SR2)
    2. ACDSee Mac Pro 3 databases are not compatible and cannot be converted to the Beta. But, this limitation will be corrected in a future Beta or the full release of version 4
    3. PDF thumbnails do not appear
    4. Refresh while scanning may write a double entry in the ACDSee database
    5. Catalog Folders can't read embedded ACDSee sub-keywords
    6. With Developed encodable images, incorrect metadata may be shown on Browse or Refresh
    7. Can't retrieve database information until you navigate to the cataloged folder on OS X 10.11
    8. Calendar double-counts developed encodable images
    9. Can't write ACDSee metadata Date
    10. ACDSee may crash if it has too many open files
    11. "Custom Sort" sort method setting is not remembered (but sort order is remembered)
    12. Output is placed in the "[Developed]" folder after Batch Adjust Timestamp, then Change Format or Resize (removing source file) if source image is Developed JPG
    13. Refresh command removes information display from the Manage mode Properties pane
    14. ACDSee may crash when selecting a device from the Import button dropdown after repeated Imports
    15. Cancel Batch Resize of RAW images doesn't apply to entire batch
    16. Import option "Place in subfolders" fails if file's date is used
    17. Crash when Flipping a developed encodable image and then selecting Skip or Cancel to the prompt to Commit Changes
    18. Can't lock a file/folder in ACDSee
    19. Locked files (local, removable, network) don't appear locked in ACDSee
    20. Image dates listed in import dialog may be incorrect
    21. Image with Light EQ settings may temporarily display incorrectly in View mode
    22. Filmstrip doesn't automatically scan images added to the current folder via external apps
    23. In Develop mode, "Constrain proportion" user setting is not remembered
    24. Assigning non-numeric input to an IPTC field that expects numeric input silently fails
    25. Scanned image is not re-scanned after being updated in an external app
    26. When browsing folders on an ExFAT removable drive, file list shows spinning wheel for an amount of time relative to the number of images in the folder
    27. ACDSee may become non-responsive when opening Edit menu for an amount of time relative to the number of images selected
    28. EXIF metadata is shown differently than in ACDSee Mac Pro 3.7
    29. Excess memory being used to create a folder icon for a cataloged folder
    30. Rotating many images multiple times may cause the app to freeze or perform slowly
    31. Issues with images on iOS devices (can't Print, Rotate, Select All Files/Images, Sort (except by Name), File operations, Slideshow may cause crash)
    32. Unable to preview a movie file from an iOS device in Quicktime
    33. Can't copy from iOS device to folder in ACDSee
    34. iOS device thumbnails are pixelated
    35. Progress dialog hangs when importing a single item from an iOS device (but import succeeds)
    36. Can't read Spotlight comment written in Finder
    37. Can't write Spotlight comment
    38. Writing IPTC/EXIF metadata to a GIF destroys existing IPTC/EXIF metadata
    39. Batch operation during Import does not work correctly
    40. Print preview ignores print margins
    41. "Beta Expired" dialog incorrectly appears when the System region is a region that uses 24-hour time by default (e.g. UK) but "24-hour Time" is unchecked (workaround: uncheck "24-hour time")
    42. Can't view or develop images using ACDSee in a Virtual Machine
    43. In the Import dialog file list, folders are displayed but can't be opened in the case of certain SD cards
    44. Drag-and-drop of items from the file list is slow to respond on OS X 10.11
    45. Appending IPTC keywords via Batch Set Information destroys existing keywords
    46. EXIF metadata lost when ACDSee encodes a new file
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