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    Most of my photos are kept in folders named for the year that they were taken. I have 29+ folders for the years 1908 to 1969 and folders from 1970 each year to date. When I open any folder before 1970 none of the thumbnails show an image only the thumbnail shape and some tag indicators (type etc. They are nearly all jpg). All of the folders after 1969 are OK. Probably related is the fact that the Calendar in the Organise Pane only shows folders from 1970. Also if I look at the Categories, all the pre 1970 selection boxes are blue coloured with a minus sign, but post 1969 are all empty. Most of the earlier photos have been scanned in from originals or transparencies (slides) over the years. They would have been in ACDSee when I had the Windows version a few years back. Can you help please.

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    Not sure, but it could be something related to the date. If I remember correctly, back when Year 2000 was an issue, 1970 (or 70) was often used as a threshold for deciding to use 19xx or 20xx. Are all of your dates in 4-digit year format?


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      Yes all my dates are 4-digit format. UK format not USA


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        Hi Casurina:

        Thank you for your feedback. Regarding the JPG image dates, did you modify the dates for the ACDSee metadata or EXIF?




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          The beta version doesn't allow me to change these dates. Originally I don't remember how I changed the dates it could nave been old ACDSee, Picassa, or Apple Photos. In ACDSee I would have made the 2 dates equal.


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            Hi Casurina,

            Thanks for your feedback. There is an issue in Beta 3 (4.0.289) with reading the thumbnails and file information for images with a file creation date that is pre-1970. This issue has been logged in our internal bug tracking system.

            Best regards,