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Some Catalog DB and Disk problems.

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  • Some Catalog DB and Disk problems.

    Hi, With Beta 3 (v 4.0.289) I run into some catalog function problems.
    I use it with "include subfolders" on an external disk. I have 28,000 pictures.
    It catalogs everything and everything seems fine. If I close the app, reboot the Mac, mount the external hard disk and come back, some of the folders, mainly about 25% of the last ones in the hierarchy are not cataloged. Not only do the thumbnails not appear, but they don't build either when I browse the subfolders.

    Then if I want to Optimize the DB it always crashes.

    Finally, I have noticed that it's very sensitive to Disk config changes. For example, if you work in ADCSee, and you inadvertently connect an iPhone or iPad, they appear as external disks. This results to either a crash or all external disks then appear twice in the tree. You have 2 iPhones, 2 iPads, 2 HardDisks, etc...

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    Hi sjordi,

    Thank you for your feedback.
    There is a known limitation in Beta 3 that external removable volumes are always excluded from the ACDSee database, so they cannot be cataloged. What kind of external disk do you have and how is it connected to your Mac?

    Thank you,


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      I have a WD Ultra USB3, formatted in NTFS, accessed via Paragon NTFS for MacOS


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        Hi sjordi,

        Thanks for your reply. I've tested with an external USB drive formatted in NTFS with the Paragon software you mentioned (I used Paragon NTFS for Mac v14).
        I confirmed my drive was treated as an external USB volume. In Beta 3, external USB volumes can't be cataloged due to a known limitation.
        This is scheduled to be fixed in Beta 4.