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Cannot assign names to Custom Batch Edits

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  • Cannot assign names to Custom Batch Edits

    In the former versions of ACDSee, under the Batch Edit tab, I had several Custom edit workflows set up and named, but in this Beta version, it is not possible to assign a name to a Custom Batch Edit. For example, to edit a photo for including in a report, I would like to (1) reduce the file size by lowering the JPEG quality (the Change Format option), then change the pixel size (the Resize option). So now, if I have several photos per day to edit to those criteria, I have to re-setup the Custom Batch Edit workflow each time. So, in the Custom window there needs to be a button for Save, which then gives you the choice to assign a name.

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    Hi sunjamr,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    The following steps allow you to save a Batch preset:

    1) In the file list, select an image.
    2) Select Batch > Custom...
    3) Drag and drop actions to create the batch workflow.
    4) Click the Save button in the top-left corner of the dialog.
    5) Enter a name and click Save.

    Now if you click Batch, your Batch preset should be listed.

    Best regards,