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Cannot assign names to Custom Batch Edits

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  • Cannot assign names to Custom Batch Edits

    In the former versions of ACDSee, under the Batch Edit tab, I had several Custom edit workflows set up and named, but in this Beta version, it is not possible to assign a name to a Custom Batch Edit. For example, to edit a photo for including in a report, I would like to (1) reduce the file size by lowering the JPEG quality (the Change Format option), then change the pixel size (the Resize option). So now, if I have several photos per day to edit to those criteria, I have to re-setup the Custom Batch Edit workflow each time. So, in the Custom window there needs to be a button for Save, which then gives you the choice to assign a name.

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    Hi sunjamr,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    The following steps allow you to save a Batch preset:

    1) In the file list, select an image.
    2) Select Batch > Custom...
    3) Drag and drop actions to create the batch workflow.
    4) Click the Save button in the top-left corner of the dialog.
    5) Enter a name and click Save.

    Now if you click Batch, your Batch preset should be listed.

    Best regards,


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      I just uploaded ACDSee Beta 4, and was able to name a Custom workflow as you describe. However, something very strange happened to my workflow. Try this and see if it happens for you: Select a few (maybe 4) JPG photos, click on Batch > Custom. Drag Resize into window and choose Pixels then set at 1200 H and 800 V. Drag Format into the window and choose JPG and set at about 25%. What I got was first a window saying there was already a file by that name and asking if I wanted to rename them. I chose yes. Then I ended up with 3 versions of each photo. And, they had not been properly downsized by the JPG size reduction tool. In other words, the file sizes were all still very large. By comparison, when I edit a photo and choose Save As, then reduce the JPG to about 25%, the file size goes from several MB down to a few hundred KB. The previous beta version didn't have this problem.


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        Hi sunjamr,

        Thank you for your feedback. I've confirmed your finding and entered this issue into our internal bug tracking system.