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  • Memory usage

    I have late model iMac with 32GB memory with V 4.0289. Using the Activity Monitor, it shows the ACD app uses up 20GB or two thirds of the entire Mac memory. No other Mac app does that. Not even close.There's something wrong going on with memory usage and allocation.
    Also - making a minor change on a simple B/W file sends the app into limbo for up to 15 minutes with the wheel spinning and the force quit window shows the app going off and on.

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    Let me clarify that. The memory usage is stable when the app is just open. It's when applying minor changes to a file when the app begins to not respond and the memory climbs through the roof. Nothing else on the planet acts like that.


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      Hi LeChiffre,

      Thank you for your feedback. May I ask three questions:

      1) Can you consistently reproduce this behaviour every time you make the same change to the same file? Or is the issue not consistent, but something that eventually happens after making various changes to various files?
      2) Are there specific changes that consistently cause the behaviour you describe? Conversely, are there specific changes that consistently don't cause this problem?
      3) Is there a specific file that consistently causes the behaviour you describe? If so, is it on a local drive, removable drive, or network location? Is it a RAW, or some other file format? How many megabytes is it and what are the dimensions (width and height)? Conversely, do you have any file that consistently does not cause this problem?