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ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac BETA Version 4 - Freezing (again?)

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  • ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac BETA Version 4 - Freezing (again?)

    I just found another bug in Version 4, at least I think it is a bug.

    Here is what I did:
    1. I double clicked on a JPG picture pre-view while in the "Manage" mode to open the picture in "View" mode;
    2. Next I clicked on "Develop" to see the various development tools;
    3. Then I clicked on the "Geometry" tab to go to the "Crop" tool.
    4. I cropped the picture substantially to focus on the primary subject in the picture. So far all went well.
    5. Next I went back to the "Tune" tab to get to the "Light EQ" tool.
    6. The first adjustment I made in the "Light EQ" tool was a slight shift on the second slider (of seven) on the "Brightening" side of the tool.
    7. At that point I noticed that the cursor changed from a pointer to the "rotating beach ball" (i.e. busy) .....and that's the last thing she wrote
    Here is the last time ACDSee responded as I moved the adjustment slider (note the red arrow)

    Click image for larger version

Name:	ACDSee frozen - 1.jpg
Views:	2
Size:	931.8 KB
ID:	41372

    ......and this is what the Activity Monitor reported:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	ACDSee frozen - 2.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	151.9 KB
ID:	41370

    NOTE: I did try to repeat the exact steps with a second JPG, but could not see the same bug (i.e. ACDSee did not freeze). I will try with some additional pictures and see if I can pinpoint the exact issue.

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    Hi Tahunga:

    Thank you for the feedback. I was unable to reproduce your issue. Please keep us updated if you come across this issue again.




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      Hi Colby,

      Today I started to test the above mentioned issue again. I opened a regular JPG picture, cropped it, and then wanted to go to the "Tune>Light EQ" tool when ACDSee crashed. This may simply be a fluke. But here is the front end of the crash report, which I also sent to Apple.......

      Crash Report - April10-12h10m.pdf

      I will try to test the same issue some more.


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        Hi Colby,

        As I promised, I did some more testing on this issue, but I can no longer create the same results as before. All seems to work as it should now. As I mentioned in one of my other Bug Reports, maybe the fact that I updated to the latest MacOS BETA (i.e. macOS Sierra Version 10.12.5 BETA) on this computer fixed this issue as well.