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  • No pre-view icons

    I know other testers have had problems with the pre-view images. But I am not sure if they encountered the same issue as me. So here is what happened in my case:

    I received a bunch of pictures via a photo web site from my sister. She wanted to download those pictures as they were from an event of hers, but a friend had uploaded them to the web site which did not allow a simple download operation. So to create actual JPGs I used "SNAGIT" which is a screen capture application to take the pictures off the web site and then save them as JPGs to a folder on my desktop. I then opened ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac BETA and pointed to the folder which contained the JPGs:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	No Pre-View 1.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	448.1 KB
ID:	41389

    But as one can see, ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac BETA did not create actual pre-views.

    I then double-clicked on one image (2017-04-09_13-31-47.jpg) to see if the actual picture was visible:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	No Pre-View 2.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	468.6 KB
ID:	41388 you can see, the picture is there. Just the pre-views are not. And even on the bottom in the "filmstrip" of the View window, the pre-views are not available. On the other hand, if I click on the right arrow the next picture in row is shown perfectly well. In short, the actual pictures are there, but the pre-views are definitively not.

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    Hi Tahunga:

    Was ACDSee open when you imported the images using Snagit? If you close ACDSee and re-open the app, do you still experience this issue? If you refresh the thumbnails in Manage mode (CMD + R), do the previews show up?




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      Hi Colby,

      here are my answers to your questions:
      1. I believe ACDSee was indeed open when I saved the pictures into the specific folder out of SNAGIT.
      2. Now that a few hours have gone by, and I had re-booted my computer (and therefore of course re-started ACDSee) the pre-view of the pictures appears just fine.
      3. I did not have the opportunity to try your suggestion (i.e. refresh the thumbnails in Manage mode (CMD + R)) before I re-booted the computer. So I don't know if that would have worked.
      Bottom line:
      • All is well.
      • I think there is a minor element of confusion: When I added a new folder on my Desktop while ACDSee was running, that folder appeared in ACDSee immediately. So did the pictures as I saved them into that folder. It was just the pre-views that did not get automatically updated.
      • I will do some more testing to see if I can trigger the initial bug again.


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        Hi Colby,

        I did some additional testing and strangely enough, I can not repeat the problem I noticed yesterday. HOWEVER, I also installed a new MacOS in the meantime ...... maybe that did it.

        My tests included:

        I opened ACDSee and left it open through the following test steps:
        1. Saving one JPG, one GIF, and one PNG picture into the folder which I highlighted in the Manage tab. Each of the pictures immediately showed up in the ACDSee window.
        2. I then clicked on each of the three pictures so they would show up in the "View" format. And in each case the pre-view in the "film strip" at the bottom of the View window showed up perfectly.
        In short, I can not repeat the error I reported previously. All seems to work just fine now.