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  • Batch > Rename issue

    I successfully renamed a number of pictures using the Batch function.

    After that was done, I found some more pictures in the same folder which needed to be renamed as well. Since the batch function does not allow me to start the counter at a number higher than 1 (at least not that I could see it) I simply ran the batch rename function again for only the additional pictures, causing some pictures to be duplicates. Those pictures were renamed with the word copy added. After the batch rename was finished, the pictures looked like this in the View window, with some of them not showing the pre-view icon:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Batch-issue-1.jpg
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Size:	133.0 KB
ID:	41413

    My third step was then to highlight all pictures with the same name and use one more time the Batch-Rename function as before, typing in the name "Diavolezza" and then adding the counter function. I hoped that all pictures with the name Diavolezza would be re-numbered and end up with a complete number sequence. However, that step froze:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Batch-issue.jpg
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Size:	214.5 KB
ID:	41412

    Looks to me like a bug in the re-name/re-number function.

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    I found another issue with the Batch > Rename function. Today I highlighted a number of pictures

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Batch-Rename 1.jpg
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Size:	161.8 KB
ID:	41456

    Then selected Batch>Rename and added "Dive-" ahead of the standard "Name" button:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Batch-Rename 2.jpg
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Size:	34.2 KB
ID:	41455

    Then I clicked on the "Run Batch" button.......and ACDSee crashed. I sent the crash report to Apple. Unfortunately it is too big to attach it to this post.

    After the report was sent, ACDSee restarted. I did step-by-step the same thing, and this second time it worked just fine.

    Next I selected a different set of pictures which were not continuous

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Batch-Rename 3.jpg
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Size:	256.4 KB
ID:	41457

    Then again I clicked on Batch>Rename, and as before added "Dive-" ahead of the standard "Name" button. This time (and all the following tests which were similar) the batch-rename worked just fine.

    ........No idea why it crashed the first time ... but I will continue to look for the bug....


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      Hi Tahunga:

      Thank you for your detailed feedback. Regarding the counter token issue using batch rename, we have filed this issue into our internal bug tracking system. Referring to your second issue, I haven't come across this bug, but I will definitely delve into it further. Please keep us updated if you find it becomes reproducible. Thanks again!




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        Hello Colby,

        Back on the "Batch Rename". This time in BETA 4:

        FIRST TEST:

        I had a bunch of pictures, all named "Rockies-nn" plus a couple of pictures from the same series but with a completely different name. So I highlighted all of them and used the "Batch>Rename" function. I set it up this way:

        Name "Counter" (Sorry my picture upload still does not work)

        Then I ran the Batch and got this error:

        "Source File not Found"

        Note: The picture shown in the error message is definitively there. After the rename Batch was run.

        I tried several variations, but each and every Batch had an error message to the effect that one source file was not found. In each case it was always ONE source file, and in each case the named file was definitively shown in the folder when I looked for it in the Finder.

        SECOND TEST:

        I noticed that when the batch to rename is being set up, the Counter option now shows "Counter starting from 1 of 1 digits". However, when I renamed a bunch of pictures using that option by selecting "Counter starting from 1 of 1 digits" the pictures still showed 2 digits (as seen in the above image). This is probably because I had more than 9 pictures in the batch. So to proof this point I selected four pictures and tried to rename them using the "Counter starting from 1 of 1 digits". The app correctly actually showed "Counter starting from 1 of 4 digits". HOWEVER, after the batch was run, the pictures showed not simply "Test Pix 1", "Test Pix 2", but.....

        THIRD TEST:

        I highlighted three pictures and used the Batch>Rename option, testing the option to start the numbering from a number other than one.

        The results were as expected. Perfect!!

        FOURTH TEST:

        I highlighted a few pictures and used the counter as follows:

        Counter starting from 10 of 3 digits

        The result of this test was also perfect!!!

        Hope this helps.


        NOTE: I tried once more to upload pictures, this time by simply copy and past the screen shots..... but although I could see the images in my post, I kept getting the message "Invalid server response" and finally had to remove the pasted images. So I still can not upload images :-(