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BETA quits when adding IPTC Core info

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  • BETA quits when adding IPTC Core info

    Using latest version of BETA. Trying to add IPTC information. Info is placed in each box and when
    I hit APPLY beta shuts down. Tried adding to external hard drive and folder on MacBook HD, same results

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    If I remove & reinstall the BETA, I would then have to catalog some 10,000 photos.


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      Hi davidR,

      Thank you for your feedback. May I ask some questions:

      1) Does this issue occur every time you try to write IPTC metadata? For example, will it occur if you try to write a single IPTC field to a single image?
      2) What filetypes are you writing to, e.g. TIF, RAW, JPG, etc?
      3) Do your files already have IPTC metadata written by other applications? If so, which one(s)?
      4) When the crash occurs, could you click the Report... button and then copy and paste the entire problem report and provide to us?

      Best regards,


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        Hello David, thank you for your reply. First let me say it is happening with only 3 photos. After these 3 were added to database the new ones were fine. Re your questions:
        1. Occurs every time on each of the 3 photos, although some information did take. Unable to add a single field.
        2. All files are JPG and and two are crops.
        3. I use no other other applications to write IPTC data.
        4. Report attached. One of the photos will not upload.


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          Hi davidR,

          Thank you very much for your quick and helpful reply. With the sample images you provided, I'm able to reproduce the crash.
          I've logged this issue in our internal bug tracking system and have shared all information with our development team.

          Thanks again and very lovely shots