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  • Import photos from camera

    I have a few points about this:
      1. Does not open import dialog automatically when camera connected, though set to do so in preferences
      2. Does not start ACDSee automatically when camera connected, though set to do so in preferences
      3. No default folder for storage of new photos (the tree is quite deep!). But ACDSee does remember the last used storage folder which is good!
      4. Does not find photos on camera automatically - I have to navigate manually to the DCIM folder where they are (this is a very common folder for storage on a camera, with several manufacturers). In my Sony A5100 camera, the pictures are in a subfolder of DCIM, the name of which changes in ways I have not discovered. Picasa was able to find them without any action on my part.
      5. If I rename on import, this would be much better if I could put a spacer of some sort (e.g. an underscore) between the various fields (Name, Date etc) that are available. Much more readable.
      6. No option to delete photos from camera automatically after import.

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    Yepp, Import in AC is nightmare. I banished it long time ago and use my own app to import files.
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      Ditto all that.


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        Hi Timkendal,

        Thank you for your feedback.

        Regarding 1 and 2, these issues have been logged in our internal bug tracking system.
        Regarding 3, 4, and 6, I understand your feedback and I've added these issues for review with the product team.
        Regarding 5, you can type in the Name field.

        Best regards,