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    It would be nice to be able to add text to a photo, like Picasa. Any chance of this - or have I missed it?

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    I don't have Picasa but know several ways to add text. So, what's the point?
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      Always liked the ability to enter Text onto a photograph - like in ACDSee 4.0 - years ago. So, is there a way to do it in this version - or do you have to use another program?


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        That's interesting Emil. Could you share how you add text please (obviously I can to Gimp or something like that, but that seems a bit cumbersome!)


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          For a single Photo:
          Goto to edit mode
          Create a new layer
          In the edit mode menu select "Text"
          Type the text, format and position it as you like
          Hit done
          Save the image.

          For a number of photos:
          In manage mode select your photos
          Invoke "Batch Edit" (CTRL-ALT-B)
          Select "Text Overlay"
          Type the text, format and position it as you like
          Click "Continue" and choose the location and naming for your images
          Click "Continue" again ...

          Both function add the text as bitmap. The text can not be edited later.

          Btw. I'm not 100% sure with names of the function name; I use a German version.


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            Hi Timkdendal and all,

            Thank you for your feedback. Currently it's not possible to add text to an image using ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac.
            As Emil mentions, it is possible to add text in ACDSee (Windows version) following his steps.

            Best regards,


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              Oops, sorry! David@acd is right. It's because I often use the "New Topics" page which doesn't include forum names. The mix off Windows and Mac in this forum is puzzling