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now Thumbnails, no EXIF DATA, crash in Batch-Mode

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  • now Thumbnails, no EXIF DATA, crash in Batch-Mode

    Since NO one is helping me,
    with my -probably on the wrong Place posted entry, I will try it here a last time :

    ...NO...Tumbnails in ACDSee PhotoStudio BETA Vers. 4.0.430

    07-26-2017, 08:56 PM

    since i updated to Beta 6, all my Pictures cant be shown as a preview Thumbnail, nor Thumbs show any Pictures, instead I got a Symbol as a place holder,
    with the file name on the bottom..

    It seems to me that every up-date I will get a new surprise..

    Please let me know, when my ACDSee for Mac will run as before, up to wich extend I have to struggle with this s****?

    If I'm to stupid, please let me know how to proceed, that the Thumbnails will show a gain a Picture in a preview mode.

    Best Regards, to those they hang still in.
    07-27-2017, 11:14 AM there a chance to get an answer..?

    I would like to repair my ACDSee PhotoStudio BETA Vers. 4.0.430

    in such a way , that I can see and work with pictured thumbnails again..

    BTW.: has someone worked with the BATCH Function, it has regularly crashed here. ...
    Kind Regards

    Thank you for your feedback. Just so I understand you correctly, you were in Manage mode using List View, you duplicated an image and the image shows a placeholder icon (the ACDSee logo) on the thumbnail instead of a thumbnail image? Hopefully I got that correct, if not, please feel free to correct me where needed.

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    Hi MixMax,

    Thank you for your feedback. I've replied to you in your original post:

    Best regards,