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  • Can't run the app

    The Studio Beta won't start. What happens is, I try to open it, the dot under the icon shows it's running, the Activity Monitor shows the app is running, the toolbar on top displays it's name, but that's all. No window. If I right click the taskbar icon and click Show All Windows - nothing is there to select.
    What am I doing wrong? This happened only with the latest beta. Before all was working. Reinstall doesn't help.
    Last edited by Nebula; 08-11-2017, 09:27 PM.

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    Hi Nebula,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Other Beta 6 users have reported a similar issue where ACDSee launches but there is no interface.
    In those cases, we determined the issue is due to the presence of a connected device (for example, a removable drive or network share, etc).
    To work around the issue, please try using Finder to eject your connected Devices one-by-one and launching ACDSee after each ejection.

    This issue will be resolved in the next Beta release.

    Best regards,