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macOS Sierra and the cycle continues ...

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  • macOS Sierra and the cycle continues ...

    Here we go again: new OS for the Mac and this POS crashes immediately. I still love the Windows version in it's latest incarnation, as it has one feature, which distinguishes it from most of the other photo SW out there: You don't have to import your pictures into some catalog, which usually will apply some sort of what it thinks new order to your pictures and essentially doubles the required amount of storage. This is so valuable to me, that I even endured the more and more painful lagging behind of features in the Mac version. So for the last few years I was hanging in, always hoping, we would see a new and shiny Mac version, more up to date with the Windows version. I guess, I'm living with a hope, which will never come through. I guess it is time to finally let go. I'm really sorry, but this lack of acknowledging and abandoning is finally so frustrating, that my pain threshold has been met. Good bye old comrade and may you rest in piece.

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    Go to Photoshop Elements, works the same way with a million richer features set and you get both PC and Mac versions in the Costco box. About same price as this piece of junk.