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    As you make the necessary updates to get ACDSee Pro Mac working properly on MAC OS Yosemite, can I suggest a missing feature. Please, please, please... The "Fit Image" does not work properly on the MAC version. Fit image should either reduce the image to fit the screen or enlarge to fit the screen. ACDSee Pro PC version does this correctly. I understand that I can use gestures to zoom in and out or use the select tool to zoom in, but it would be really be nice if the user to could just set the preference and have all of the images the are too small to fit the screen be enlarged to fit the screen. I understand that small images may look pixelated. Anyways, have a look at the way ACDSee Pro on the PC version works and make it like that. Thanks

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    It has been almost two years and the lack of "Fit Image" "Enlarge" is still an issue in the Mac version of ACDSee. Attached is a screenshot of the Windows preference that does not exist in Mac-ACDSee and is useless to me without it.

    Click image for larger version

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      Totally agree! ACDSee, please incorporate this into Mac Pro 4. We want the option to see images that fit the screen if desired. This functionality is in Mac Pro 3, but it doesn't work the same way it does on the PC version.