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Trouble Restoring Database Backup

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  • Trouble Restoring Database Backup


    I am having a little trouble with ACDSee Pro 6 (latest build is installed). I am trying to restore a database backup. The backup was also made from ACDSee Pro 6.

    The database starts to restore and then I get this error:

    'Could not load the Archive plugin. Restore cannot continue.'

    Dang! Can anyone help here? Really would love to get my database restored (about 5 years of good photo info in there, and photo thumbnails for offline photos discs as well). I'm on Windows XP if that helps.

    Thanks so much!

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    If you look at the directory where your backup is located what is the size of your compressed DB file? I ask this because I had a problem with the backup function which produced a .zip file of 5K for a DB larger than 3Gb and consequently was unusable. I don't know if this has anything to do with your problem but I thought I should mention it.

    (P.S. I've just tried the backup function on the new ACDsee Pro 7 with exactly the same results as v6. I'll need to report it to support).


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      Thanks for the reply. I just checked and the compressed DB file is about 535MB. So I think that is ok right?

      Would be really really bad if the database backup and restore functions did not work. Very important for a photo database program to be able to backup and restore the central database (I do the Database maintenance quite often.. hopefully that helps).

      Anything else I can check or do to get my Database loaded again?



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        I don't really know how the backup/restore functions are technically architectured so the following is a bit of speculation:

        If ACDsee needs a plugin for archiving, which your error message seems to imply, then I would take a look at the status of the plugins in ACDPro. I've now moved to v7 so don't any longer have v6 available. However, I think to take a look at the plugin status is just the same in v7 as in v6. In the main menu click on Tools and then on Plugin settings. This will bring up a window with a few tabs at the top. One of these tabs will be "Archive". Click on this and see if you've got anything similar to the picture I've added here of my own plugin settings. Hopefully this will help you to see what is wrong. If you are unable to add or enable any plugins to solve your problem then I would re-install ACDPro and then try a restore. After that I'd contact support for help.
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          Thank you so much for the great suggestion. I looked at that plugin area and I didn't have the plugins you had. I remembered that when I did the install the un-selected the 'archive' add-ons since I didn't think I would need them (why would I use ACDSee to uncompress my zip files). I didn't realize that it used those add-ons to compress and un-compress the database.

          When I re-installed the software I made sure to leave those add-ons selected. Now it all works great!

          Thanks for suggesting that and helping me find the problem. I'm surprised that they let you un-select those add-ons since you pretty much need them if you ever want to backup your database.

          Thanks again,