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    This discussion is a bit hilarious. User MattSpew suggests a totally reasonable and amazingly easy to implement feature and half the responses are why he shouldn't want it or how to work around the missing functionality.

    Good reasons why you might want this feature:
    -importing from a memory card to a laptop while on a trip, but it isn't your primary workstation. This way when you get back home you still just slam your memory card in the reader and go fast instead of messing around with network connections and permissions to get the files from the laptop. (my use case)
    -import from phone - but you want to keep copies there to view
    -just because you want to work that way

    There seems to be some argument over what a duplicate is. I suggest that a simple check-box in the import dialog with the label "Don't import files of the same name in target directory" (or something a little tighter here). Then on import, if the file coming shares its name with one in import directory it is ignored. If files are ignored, offer to display a list of them at the end.

    Easy. Give me source access and I'll code it myself tonight!



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      I bet you could write an import routine that fulfils your needs, I coded my personal import routine about ten years ago and it still works as needed. But it's very hard to code a routine that satisfies everyone.


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        daver99... If you are serious about your offer, it seems that you should be able to code something up in a batch file or compile an EXE using some version of C then launch as an external editor directly from the GUI... even without any access to any source code.