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Items still showing after running maintenance and optimization

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  • Items still showing after running maintenance and optimization

    I have acdsee pro 9 on windows 10

    I recently moved a bunch of music files (20,000) to the folder at onedrive\music (using windows explorer).

    Now these are showing up in acdsee which I do not want.

    I have done the following hoping to fix this:
    1. from tools, options, unselected 'include microsoft onedrive', then
    2. in the 'folders to monitor' window, I removed the top level onedrive folder, and then specifically added the one folder that I do want to be included, namely, 'onedrive\pictures'
    3. ran database maintenance for all of onedrive and selected to remove orphan folders
    4. ran database optimization
    5. re-catalogued everything
    I thought this would remove these items...but about 20,000 mp3 files are still there.

    Did I miss a step?

    Sincerely, Brad

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    "Now these are showing up in acdsee". Where are they showing up in acdsee?


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      When I do a search in the global search field they populate along with the images that are returned. I removed that folder (onedrive/music) from tools, options, ACDSee Indexer....


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        The only thing I can suggest is to delete the unwanted data from the database: Tools / Database / Database Maintenance

        When ACDSee has finished collecting the information from the database, (the status is shown in the bottom left corner of the pane), select the folder(s) that you don't want included in search results and click "Remove All DB Info".


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          Thanks Robert that worked. I thought if I removed the folder from being indexed, and then running the Database Maintenance at the top level of onedrive that would have worked, but your more specific suggestion did the trick! Thanks again and Merry Christmas!


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            The lesson here it to move things within ACDSee. Another way do accomplish what you had to do is to go back... Restore the moved files to their original location using Win explorer, they move them in ACD