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Is it possible to overcome ACDSee Pro 6's "one and done" editing limitations?

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  • Is it possible to overcome ACDSee Pro 6's "one and done" editing limitations?

    Referring to Edit mode in ACDSee Pro 6 (and presumably later versions of ACDSee Pro), most all of the editing features are "one and done" - that is, only one editing change can be made to the picture; then to apply another change to the same picture using the same editing tool, it is necessary to click on the Done button to exit the editing tool, then go through the process of re-selecting the same editing tool again. A few editing tools have an Apply button which allows making additional edits to the same picture without having to exit the editing tool and then re-select the editing tool again to make additional edits on the same picture. I usually need to make several edits on a picture using the same editing tool and find it very time-wasting and frustrating to have to exit the edit tool and re-select it again to make further changes on the same picture (imagine going grocery shopping and purchasing only one item at a time and then go back and shop for and purchase the next item on your list.) For example, if I need to make several modifications on different curved areas in a picture, I use the Special Effect Bulge editing tool to make the necessary adjustments. I frequently have to spend extra time zooming in and then navigating to the area that needs modification and then make the modification. Since ACDSee Pro 6 only permits one editing change using the Bulge tool (and most other editing tools) at a time, I have to press Done to exit the editing tool, then re-select both Special Effect and then Bulge to make an additional modification to the same picture. Often I have to re-zoom and navigate to the next area to be modified, then make the change, press Done again. then to continue to make further changes, re-select Special effect and then Bulge. It, of course, would be much easier and much more efficient to have an Apply button to make the editing change and continue to make further changes without leaving the editing tool and have to waste a lot of time having to go through the process of re-selecting the editing tool again.
    It is this limitation that has mostly discouraged me from upgrading to later editions of ACDSee Pro over the years. In fact, the first feature I look for in newer versions of ACDSee Pro when they become available is if the ability to apply additional changes using the same editing tool (via an Apply button for instance) without having to press Done and then re-select the same editing tool again to make further modifications.

    So my question is, is there any way to overcome this limitation?

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    No, the editor in the pro series is pretty much like that. And Ultimate when used like the pro version, is also like that. However, with the new layering capabilities in the Ultimate 10 editor you could make adjustment layers for each edit and then flatten them down when you are done.


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      In Ult10, here is one of my favorite tricks that partially addresses this limitation....

      ​Let's say there is a particular part of te image that I would like to adjust the Exposure and SpecialEffects-Dauber.
      ​In EDIT mode, I use the Edit Brush to select the area of interest... then adjust that exposure. Then click Done.
      ​I then open the SpecialEffects-Dauber feature, select Edit Brush, then go to the "Load Last Applied Brush Stroke"... which does exactly what you would think it would do... thus allowing me to SpecialEffects-Dauber the same selection as before..

      ​In combination with the "Invert All Brush Strokes" this can be an important part of the editing workflow.

      ​Arguably, if I understand the original request correctly, this is not exactly what you are requesting, But, it can keep you from having to repeat the selection process between features.

      ​(Of course, the layers and masks in Ult10 has other features, but that would be a longer post)