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    In Pro 10 (x64), do you know how to import from a scanner?
    Thank you.
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    Are you referring to a TWAIN Device? It is my understanding that TWAIN support has been discontinued in ACDSee products. I don't remember where I read it, but I vaguely recall that 'somebody' once said no one is writing Twain Drivers for modern computers that run on a modern OS.

    My usage of scanners for photography is extremely rare, but in the past, I've just scanned the photos to a hard drive and manually imported them. If you have a high volume, the import utility built into ACDSee photo products (Not sure about the new Editor 10) should make a batch import relatively painless; and of course, all you really need to do is open the scanned document in ACDSee to manage and edit it, the import utility is only useful for batch situations, and applying presets and keywords on import.
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      I use the software from the scanner company to place the scanned image directly into a folder that ACDSee Indexes. The next time I open ACDSee the new files are there.

      ​Here is how to get Epson scanners to work with Win10.


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        Good tip GusP!


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          I just found this info.
 It would be nice if acdsee to do what it takes to get this resolved with version 11


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            I use Affinity Photo as my primary Photo editor, and this is the default program if I double-click on a jpeg or a tiff. I use VueScan or SilverFast for scanning, and if I save an image (as jpeg or tiff) from either of these, then it will automatically open in Affinity. I suspect that if you have ACDSee set as your default image editor, then it would do the same for you. I am using Windows 10 and ACDSeePro 10.