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ACDSee Pro Lifetime License ?

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  • ACDSee Pro Lifetime License ?

    Coincidentally I discovered an option to buy a 'Lifetime License' which is just 10 dollar higher than then normal upgrade price.
    Vainly tried to find more info on what exactly is being covered under 'Lifetime License'. Maybe there is some document, somewhere, I don't know.
    see url at the bottom

    Who out there has such a license and can tell me more about it?
    Can't believe it will cover all future upgrades.
    Then again, if one is buying a lifetime license for the 'Pro' version and ACDSee stops with that version and continues with 'Ultimate' only then I suppose
    the lifetime license for Pro will automatically cease and becomes useless as far as Ultimate is concerned?



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    I've got a lifetime licence for Ultimate 10, but I'm sure the principle is the same.

    With the lifetime licence you pay a one-off fee and get the right to use that version of software for life without paying any more. The down side is that you won't automatically receive updates to the next version (although I do seem to be able to download minor updates / bug fixes).

    With the annual subscription licence you will get automatic upgrades to the next version (Pro 11) when they are released. The down side with this (I think) is that if you stop paying the subscription you lose the right to use the software.

    ACDSee, ACDSee Pro and ACDSee Ultimate are different products aimed at different markets, so I think it is very unlikely that they would stop developing one of them while continuing with another.


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      Thank you very much. I am not sure, but in that do not see a difference between an ordinary upgrade compared to a lifetime license. When I upgrade a version, e.g. Pro 9 -> Pro10 in the normal way (49 dollar) then that is a one off payment as well. Or am I overlooking something?



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        It is a bit confusing, but as I understand it the lifetime licence and upgrades go hand in hand (but the upgrades are voluntary and the existing version will still work if you don't upgrade). With the annual subscription you always get the upgrade automatically.