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Logged in to wrong facebook account and New Login will not work?

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  • Logged in to wrong facebook account and New Login will not work?

    I have ACDsee pro 8, on windows 8.1 and for some reason it made me log in to my facebook account two weeks ago, it then did not log me in properly and just shows no user in the window for Send to Facebook in the upper right corner it shows Authorized Facebook User: defName. When i try to do a New Login the login screen flashes past and come back to the up load window. Is there somewhere I can reset this so I can log in properly again? It still works from my Desktop computer on windows 10 fine, but I have never logged out and back in ). It lets me go through all the motions and says my upload to facebook was successful, but doesn't link to my account and I have no idea where those photos went before I noticed it wasn't properly logged in.

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    ‚ÄčI suspect the cookie expired so you could not login properly. I would go to Control Panel | Internet Options (icon view), from the General tab | Browsing History, click Delete. Make sure you uncheck "Preserve Favorites website data" and check "Cookies and website data". Click Delete. After that, try to use the Facebook plug-in again in ACDSee, it should ask you to login again.


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      Perfect thank you. Love the simple explanation with full details to delete the favorites with my history. I hate I have to now input info i want but it worked and I can load direct from ACDsee again on my laptop.