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Upgrade from 9 to 10 worth it?

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  • Upgrade from 9 to 10 worth it?

    I am running pro 9 and it works perfectly for me as an amateur photographer. I am wondering if there are any good reasons for me to upgrade to 10. Are there any new features? Does it perform faster? I'd be interested in hearing some thoughts on this.

    Thanks, Brad

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    It has been a while since I upgraded, so I don't remember the exact features that I found worthwhile, but I do remember the feeling it was worth the update (dehaze, better controls, other?)

    ​However, one of my largest reasons for upgrading per revision is the incremental training you get with each revision. For instance, let's say each release has 5 new features. Then you skip a release, now you have 10 features to learn. It is a bit more costly to do so. But the transitions are easier.

    ​This being said, I can't help but think we are only a few months away from the next revision. If you can rely on history, my guess is 3-6 months. If it was possible to wait this long, it may be wise to wait just a few more months to get the next release.


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      We've changed our politics to only update if bugs we suffer from got fixed or if the old version doesn't support the raw of a newer camera. We currently are on Pro8, because we don't need any of the new edit features.


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        The magic selection tool was the main upgrade for me.

        I would however say that because 11 is due out soon you will probably find the 10 upgrade price is a bargain right now if you have a look.


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          On my personal blog, I wrote a sort of 'mini review' of V10 when it came out. You can read it HERE.

          For me, the addition of the "Preserve Detail" slider in the noise control panel improves the native noise control capabilities quite a bit. And the Implementation of Smart brush technology really makes selective editing much easier to do.


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            Thanks for the feedback everyone, it looks like smart brush is a hit. I think I might just hold off until 11, because as mentioned, 10 is working very well for me...