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Pro 9 wiped out my metadata

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  • Pro 9 wiped out my metadata

    Much of my ACDSee metadata has disappeared (captions, etc), but some of it is still retained in the IPTC (where I had religiously copied everything), except for keywords. A few directories still have them, but most are completely gone. I had previously gone through the entire database embedding the metadata, but when I try to rebuild the metadata, nothing. I tried both running "Catalog" (which doesn't seem to do anything at all) and "Rebuild thumbnails and metadata" in Tools-Metadata (which also appears to do nothing). Is there some special trick to getting the embedded metadata back?

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    I'm not aware of this happening before. It certainly has never happened to me. My advice would be to contact ACDSee Tech support. They might be aware of possible situations where this could occur. At the very least, they would have access to developers and source code to help track this down. I suspect knowing why it happened, would be the key to recovering the missing data if it is possible..

    The DBA in me wants to remind everyone who reads this, of the importance of backing up your database and images to a safe location (NOT on the same drive as the database you are backing up!). With a good recent backup, a situation like this would be nothing more than inconvenient. If it would distress you to lose certain files and data, then those files and data are worth backing up!


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      Oh, the database is backed up (I am religious about that, as well). I'm nervous about restoring it, because I don't know whether the backup version is corrupted. I guess it's safe to point ACDSee to a different db location and restore it to there, but I'm nervous about making things even worse. If I have been saving a corrupted db each time, who knows how many saves back I will have to go, and I will then have lost all the information from subsequent images. I'm really concerned about the embedded metadata not being accessible, and I will contact Tech Support for that. In one of the directories I looked at, some of the images have retained their ACDSee metadata, others have not, but all seem to have IPTC metadata. (In some other directories, the IPTC keywords have been lost.) This is why I think the database must have been corrupted at some point.


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        Yes, uncaught errors that get backed up can destroy the best disaster recovery plan. About the only thing you can do is keep finding older backups that don't have those errors in them. I always try to keep 3 or 4 generations of backups for this very reason. Before I retired, we also kept an annual backup for 5 years so if that situation occurred, we could at least recover SOME of our data ASAP.

        One thing you could do is create a new user on your PC and restore the database to that new user's storage area. That way, it would be logically separate from your normal database, and you could examine it at your leisure. If everything looks good, you can then restore from the original backup.
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          Ah, that's an idea - thanks. I've got a ticket in with tech support, so I'll see if they have a magic bullet - if not, I'll follow your suggestion and see how far back I have to go.