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Bug Reports & Feedback: ACDSee 10 Pro, full screen modus: Window alway on top :(

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  • Bug Reports & Feedback: ACDSee 10 Pro, full screen modus: Window alway on top :(


    showing a image in the full screen modus the program window of ACDSee Pro 10 (Win10) is always on top of all other windows — although this option is NOT actived (s. Screenshot).

    When will this bug be fixed?


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    There isn't a bug, just a queer logic. "Immer im Vordergrund" (Always on top) always is on for the full screen view. The option is meant for view-mode when not in full screen view.
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      ... then this bug, sorry, option is new in the latest versions of ACDSee Pro. In former versions (or not in the pro version?) the program window was NOT on top in full screen view when another program was active. This make sense!
      Only the active program window should be "always on top" – I don't know why ACDSee (Pro) changed this behaviour

      Sometimes I want to have on the same monitor on which I am viewing an image in full screen mode another program in the foreground. After switching to it I can't see it...

      Question: this abnormal (!) behaviour still exists in v2018?

      Thank you!


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        The options for this have been changed in the Build 1196. Now there's two options for view mode: "Always on top (windowed)" and "Always on top (full-screen)".


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          Two things:

          1) the latest build of ACDSee Photo Studio Pro 10 I found is »10.4 (build 686)« → – I installed this latest build manually
          For v2018 (yet only listet on English site: 2018 (build

          2) Now I figured out that viewing an image within the "fast viewer" (don't know the English equivalent of »Schnellansicht« the window do not is always on top – even in full screen mode → that's what I want for viewing an image fullscreen openend within the main programm, too!.

          ... but where can I download build 1196?

          Thanks a lot!