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Help Please - Need to Change year only in EXIF data

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  • Help Please - Need to Change year only in EXIF data


    I have about 3500+ pictures from I trip I took in 2015. Unfortunately the camera settings were set to year 2014not 2015. I want to correct the year only on the pictures but I cannot seem to see how to do that with the options presented in ACDsee pro 8. I want the days and times to remain the same, just change the year. Can anyone tell me how to do that. Have emailed support but have not gotten a reply.

    thanks in advance.

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    In the french version (Acdsee Pro 10), the anwser is here... I hope help you...

    Alaric (French)


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      It's a 'bit' counter-intuitive! Select files then Menu>Batch>Adjust Time Stamp then select the exif fields you wish to change. Then select 'Shift to a new starting date and time' and hit 'retrieve from files'. This then shows the earliest image. Type over ONLY the new year value in the date box and press enter. It will then add a year to all images leaving the time value as was.
      Try it on some gash images first and be aware that I have known it to stall when multiple image types are done together.


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        Originally posted by SamDring View Post
        Try it on some gash images first...
        Backup all your photos before running such a large change just in case something goes wrong, PC crash etc.