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how can i use my old database from acdsee pro 7 in acdsee pro 2018 ?

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  • how can i use my old database from acdsee pro 7 in acdsee pro 2018 ?

    export, then import do not work. there is error report wrong version. with pro7 i have store all my images with xml attached files that contain tags. this are too not read from acdsee pro 2018.

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    additional: i let write in all images from acdsee pro 7 the sidecar files at end of program. there come a requester for that. acdsee pro 2018 show not the keywords. only ratings(number 1-5) are read from 2018. when a folder is complete scan from pro 2018 then a quicksearch for keyword give no result.when i search pro 7 images for text of a keyword in a file manager i get results. this mean pro7 have written, but 2018 can not read it
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      There are multiple methods to migrate from Pro7 to Pro-2018 (a four generation jump). My first choice is always to embed my DB metadata. This, in effect allows you to bypass database conversions entirely. Using my method, the steps for your migration would go like this: (1.) Open your old Pro7 program and run Tools > Metadata > Embed ACDSee Metadata > Embed in All Files. This step copies your DB info and inserts it inside the images themselves. (2.) Open your new Pro2018 program and run Tools > Database > Catalog Files. This Catalog operation will 'discover' all of your embedded DB info from Pro7 and update your new Pro-2018 database with that data. That's it, migration done.


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        thanks, i thought it go automatic when it is catalogize. after choose in 2018 my directories and database catalog files it work ok.

        only problem i see, how can i write automatic the keywords in the image in pro 2018. the pro 7 show a requester at end, and i do always add it, so i need the steps not do in pro7. 2018 pro show no such requester.
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