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In Manage Mode Double Click Image Crashes Photo Studio Pro 2018

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  • In Manage Mode Double Click Image Crashes Photo Studio Pro 2018

    This is a new issue. When I open a folder and double click an image to view it Studio Pro 2018 freezes completely and then Windows 10 displays the error that the program "has stopped working and will close." However, if I re-open the folder and from Manage select an image and click the VIEW option at the top the image will open and subsequent double clicks will open other selected images. Weird. Anyone know what's going on? Thanks.

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    At the suggestion of others I tried optimizing the database and running maintenance on the database. This did not help. I have submitted a ticket to the Help Desk.


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      Tech support sent me the following instruction, "When you open ACDSee in the Manage mode, go to the View menu and click on Reset Layout to reset and restart ACDSee. Test again."

      I reset the layout, but the issue is still there and the program continues to crash - and now locks up after being idle for a few hours.


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        Just a thought, but is it possible that you have a mildly corrupt image in a particular folder? Or, is this problem happening all over the place? In the past, a lot of these unexplained crashes have turn out to be caused by bad data.