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  • Picasa Face Tag Migration

    I'm looking to migrate from Picasa 3 to something supported. The ACDSee software seems to fit best with how I like to work compared to other products I've tried so far. The problem is that I have thousands of photos with face tagging in XMP tags. Is there--or plans for--some way to migrate those into ACDSee? Even with facial recognition it took me a LONG time to tag things in Picasa and don't want to go through that again.

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    Hello KFStein,

    A face detection migration path from Picasa and Lightroom to ACDSee is on our road-map. Unfortunately we didn't have time in the 1st ACDSee 2019 release. Will consider it for an update or ACDSee 2020.



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      Excellent, thanks.


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        I'd like to express interest in such a facility as well and I suspect that there are many people like KFStein and me. I also have been using Picasa for many years and have invested countless hours in face tagging. I probably have between 50,000 and 100,000 photographs scanned from old family negatives, slides, prints etc and I have tagged over 2000 different individuals so far. I have looked for a replacement since the announcement that Picasa support was ceasing but have been unable to bring myself to migrate to anything else because I couldn't bear to lose so much work. A facility to migrate the embedded face tags from Picasa to ACDSee would be just what I need to encourage me to jump in that direction.