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Canvas Draw Assurance program I just joined.

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  • Canvas Draw Assurance program I just joined.

    I received an email today from ACD that they have started $49 yearly upgrade subscription service for Canvas Draw. I just joined it with the announcement that Canvas Draw 4 will be released this summer. I recently have been in contact with Albert Jimenez of ACD (and the original developer from Deneba) going over some bugs and work arounds and really look forward to CD4. The link to sign up is below.

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    Based 100% on past history, when ACD say they're going to do a major Canvas release "this summer" my first response is "which year?". Good luck with your first year's downpayment of $49...


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      I've received three updates in the last six months or so, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.


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        On the one hand, this is "Canvas Draw" they're talking about, not "Canvas." It could be easier to update and release than their flagship red-headed stepchild.

        But on the other hand, this notion of "software as a service" is exactly why I originally fled to Canvas Draw from the likes of Adobe CC. Additionally, given that individual major upgrades tend to cost $49 anyway, the only way the annual fee starts to make sense is if they start giving Canvas Draw major upgrades more frequently than once a year. To me as well, that seems ...unlikely.


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          The annual upgrade option is listed at $89/year on so I'm guessing that the $49 price is a teaser to get people to subscribe. Note that the license agreement states:

          "Unless canceled prior to the subscription expiry date, annual and monthly software subscriptions will be automatically renewed and payment of the annual and monthly subscription fee in effect at the time of renewal will be charged to your credit card."

          So I would anticipate the once subscribed, next year one will get charged at the $89/year fee or whatever they have decided to charge. It is interesting that they are following the Adobe subscription model rather than the Affinity try to attract everyone who ditched Adobe because they don't like the subscription model.

          Nonetheless, **assuming** that Canvas Draw 4 is released this year with compelling features, with a current upgrade price of $99, this $49 offer represents at least a $50 savings over that route.

          It would be nice to know what is going to be in Canvas Draw 4. As it is, I still cannot quite go to CD3 as my go to vector graphics program because of lack of ability to open SVG files, no GIS, etc.


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            I don't mind a subscription service for upgrades, FileMaker has the same kind of thing, as long as ACD does not go to an online/remote app operation. Not for me.


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              So exactly what happens if you take up this $49 offer and then, after a year, you decide to NOT continue payments? Does the version 4 you have at that time stay yours to continue using without the possibility of updating, or do you no longer have the right to use it, or do ACD actually disable your use of it? I've seen all scenarios implemented in other software. At preset, I'm using canvas 3 on both my Mac at work and home (given I can't be in both places at the same time). Is this subscription model per user or per machine? I couldn't see the answer to any of these questions on their website. I'm guessing somebody who's already made the purchase might know...


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                I don't know.


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                  Well, though it said $49 in the email, they charged me $44, which they say is a 'One-Time Charge', plus a $16.99 Annual fee that is for 'Download Insurance' and a 'Backup CD'. I have no idea if this is the deal referenced in the email, but when I click link in the email from CEO Doug, this is where it leads. It sounds like a really good deal..


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                    I subscribe to the Adobe Photography plan and like it a lot. But here are my concerns/questions about ACD and Canvas Draw. I'm not worried about Adobe going bankrupt and shutting their doors but even if they disappeared tomorrow and Photoshop quit working there are many other applications that could use to open my .PSD files.

                    In comparison I have no idea if ACD is financially stable or not. Of far greater concern is that NO OTHER application is going to open Canvas files! If older versions of Canvas cannot open files produced by newer versions we would all be in a real mess.

                    I would really insist that if ACD ceased operations that my version of Canvas would without question continue to operate as before. It would be financially devastating for me if Canvas suddenly quit working. We should really require a safety net in writing from ACD.


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                      I just had it confirmed via email from ACD customer support that this promotion mimics a maintenance agreement and not a subscription agreement (despite the word "subscription" appearing in the email we all got). The upshot is that when the maintenance stops you're left with the software at the last update it qualified for and you can keep using it that way forever. The license is also a per user thing, not a per machine thing - so you can install it both at work and at home.


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                        That's how I understood it, thanks.


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                          From ACD:

                          "You pay $49 for a perpetual license code for the next Canvas Draw 4. (It's a presale) It is not a subscription, meaning Canvas Draw 4 will remain yours after the year.

                          The offer at that price is expiring the 28th April. The subscription will still be offered after that date but I do not know what will be the exact price.

                          The regular upgrade price as per our website is $99

                          Yes the traditional upgrade price will be maintained, although I can't be sure of the exact price."