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Canvas 3 forgets registration information - again

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  • Canvas 3 forgets registration information - again

    Opened up canvas today and got the "forgot registration"bug, where canvas thinks you are opening it for the first time and demands a registration code, and that you log into your ACD account. Haven't seen this one for a while, but apparently it is not fixed. Another longstanding bug from several versions ago and very irritating.

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    This should only happen if the Canvas Draw directory located in ~/Library/Application Support/ACD Systems/ is deleted or all of its content deleted.


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      If you say so, but this has happened to me regularly in the past, and looking at the directory today, the folders and files are dated months ago, so obviously not created recently.


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        Started happening to me too in the past 2 weeks. 3 or 4 times I had to enter registration, even while Canvas 3 (3.0.5 build 274) was running - ie, I used it one day, left it running, and a couple of days later got a dialog to enter registration. No changes to Canvas, or Mac OSX. Happened a few times starting it up after, and now ok again. Seriously annoying. (But I have to say that, as a user since Canvas as a Desk Accessory on a Mac Plus, I am no grateful to have it running properly and - mostly - well again. Looking forward to Canvas 4).


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          I use Canvas Draw 3.0.5 b274 on El Capitan 10.11.6 every day and have not experienced it.


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            It happened to me regularly starting with version 2 I think.