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Canvas draw 2 and 3 (and now 4)

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  • Canvas draw 2 and 3 (and now 4)

    Is there any way to define a particular version of canvas as the default for opening older (canvas mac) files? I just had the bizarre situation where I double clicked an old canvas X file and canvas 2 opened. Then I opened another canvas X file by double click and canvas draw 3 opened. I imagine that just for continuity sake, if I had canvas draw 4 installed, the next canvas X file I double clicked would have opened draw 4.

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    Yes, in the Finder, click once on the document. Go to the File menu and choose Get Info. In the window that opens, go to the section Open with, click the popup and choose the version of Canvas to open that kind of document. Below that click the button Change All.


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      Or, right click on the file. Choose Open With then select Other. Select Canvas Draw 4 from the list and click the checkbox Always Open With.


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        Thanks mike. Never had much success with this procedure with apps in general though.