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    It's working for me in all cases. I'm on Sierra with a referb MacBook Pro !7" 2011, 16 GB RAM, 2 TB SSD. Maybe High Sierra is the problem.
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      I've sent in these High Sierra bugs to Customer Support.


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        Customer Support had me delete a few MacOS plists and ~/Library files for CD4 and now the Multigon Tools work properly. The Easy Shapes tool still doesn't work.

        Useful instructions from Customer Support:

        In the meantime, can you try the following to reset the Canvas draw settings and see if that would make any difference:

        - Close Canvas Draw 4
        - In Finder's menu bar, click "Go" and choose "Go to Folder", type '~/Library'.
        - You are now at the user Library folder
        - Navigate to "\Library\Application Support\ACDSystems\Canvas Draw"
        - Remove both "cvAppdata_4.set" and "cvPalettes_4.set".
        - Navigate to "Library\Preferences"
        - Delete "com.acdsystems.Canvas-Draw4.plist".

        Re-relaunch the program to test if the issue is resolved.

        In addition, can you try to see if you can use such easyshapes correctly under a different user account ? So I suggest, for troubleshooting purpose, create a admin new user account from System Preferences | Users and Groups, and see if the issue will appear in Canvas draw 4 under that new user account too.

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          Good feedback, thanks.


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            On my iMac 5k, CD4 and High Sierra: Binding text to an object or vector line doesn't work. Doesn't do anything. Anyone else have this issue?


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              The Path Text Tool does work, so that's a work around.