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Canvas Draw for Mac COMPATIBILITY with macOS 10.13.x High Sierra?

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  • Canvas Draw for Mac COMPATIBILITY with macOS 10.13.x High Sierra?

    Is Canvas Draw for Mac COMPATIBLE with macOS 10.13.x High Sierra? Thanks.
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    I would suggest you not upgrade to High Sierra until the next release, first versions are always buggy. I made the mistake of upgrading my iPhone 6s Plus to v11 a few days ago and the bugs are showing, wish I didn't and waited for the next iteration.


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      Hello Alex,

      During our preliminary testing, the installation, launch, registration, and basic operations (save, print, scan, draw, copy, etc..) of Canvas Draw 4.0.1 for Mac all work as expected on macOS High Sierra . We would appreciate if you can report any issues that you find when running Canvas draw 4.0.1 on macOS High Sierra

      We will let you know once the current build is compatible with the officially-released High Sierra in a couple of weeks.

      James - Customer Care Team


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        Will upgrading to High Sierra now or in the near future commit your MAC OS system to 64-bit after Apple changes the OS to 64-bit in a couple of years? The current 32-bit system will disappear. If this happens, you will lose operation of your 32-bit apps in a flash. For instance, many of your personally owned Adobe apps and digital scanner drivers on CD's are only 32-bit. Am I correct about this? What will we do with a 64-bit Mac OS system?

        Read more:
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          Let me make this clear, the Mac OS is both 32 and 64 bit capable, but High Sierra will be the last system to support 32 bit, the next OS will only support 64 bit. As far as I know, Canvas Draw is 64 bit and you can be sure that any 32 bit apps and drivers will be updated to 64 bit. I'm not concerned in the least bit (pun intended).


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            After the Mac OS turns to 64-bit, I think users of Adobe apps from their CDs (i.e., the CS apps) will lose use of these 32-bit apps. They will then be committed to using Adobe's subscription apps. In the past, I lost use of my EPSON scanner driver for a while after upgrading a Mac OS. I say don't put the cart before the horse. Don't upgrade to High Sierra until all your important apps, and not only Canvas apps, and drivers are fully available. I'm going to stay with El Capitan for the foreseeable future since Sierra isn't much of an upgrade for my graphic work. It's an upgrade for Apple's communication and product network.

            After checking the Apple site for driver support of my EPSON scanner and HP printer, they are only supported up to the Sierra OS level, not High Sierra, yet.
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              Hi have been using 4.0.1 under High Sierra for 2 weeks and ran into 0 (zero) problems.


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                I'm glad C4 operates well with High Sierra. Are all your peripheral apps (Illustrator, Photoshop, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, printer driver, scanner driver), camera post processing app, and external devices also working properly? After all these items I need to do my graphics work prove to operated with High Sierra, then I'll upgrade.


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                  I just upgraded to High Sierra (I always wait on such upgrades!) and have had an odd thing happen when saving files as a PDF, but not as a CVD file. After closing Canvas Draw (4.0.1 Build 39), I get a message from the operating system that Canvas quit unexpectedly. Anybody else have this or is it just one of the phantom things that crop up for me occasionally?