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  • PNG with transparent background

    I'm trying to save a PNG with a transparent background, but i can't figure out how to get rid of the white background that is the page. I tried selecting saving "selected only" but that still has white fill. Has anyone got a suggestion? I'm only on Draw 2.

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    You should upgrade to the latest version v4. Do you have an object for the background that has fill? Does your image itself have it's own background that you did not eliminate? To do that, click once on the image, go to the Image menu and choose Add Visibility Mask. Next go to the Paint Palette and choose the Wand tool, then on your image, click the background, which will highlight that color, then touch the delete key.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Canvas Visibility menu.png
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Name:	Canvas Wand tool.png
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      Actually I'm just trying to save some text as a test. The actual project I am working on is a mix of small graphic stuff and some text. Before I created the entire thing I wanted to make sure the PNG exporter worked. So maybe my more specific question is "how can I save a sample of text in a PNG format?"

      I would update but honestly there are so many issues with Draw 2 that I can't imagine Draw 4 being fully usable. I loved Canvas in its day, but when it disappeared I went through the very painful process of moving to PS. Admittedly it is a poor substitute, but at this point I know it pretty well, and more importantly, it works reliably. My barrier to upgrade is not cost, its the time needed to deal with the software. I only tried Canvas for this project because I knew there would be a lot of icon creation, which I can do a lot faster in Canvas generally.

      Thank you for your help!


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        Canvas 4 is far and away better than any previous Draw version. I just typed some text in Canvas 4 making sure in the Properties Bar that the text fill is set to none. I exported and it has no background.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Canvas fill text.png
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          Thank you that is what I needed.