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  • Dynamic Copy And Paste

    macOS 10.13.1
    Canvas Draw 4 For Mac
    Version: 4.0.1
    Build: 39

    I create an object, "A". I want to paste "A" into objects "B", "C", and "D", within the same file.

    From time to time, I will modify "A". When I do so, I want the modified object "A" to appear in "B", "C", and "D", without repeating copy and paste, similar to Microsoft Excel, in which a dependent variable will appear inside multiple formulas. Update the variable value in the cell, and, the multiple formulas will update, real time.

    Does Canvas support this?

    Thank you.


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    Can you post examples of this? I'm not clear on how you paste an object into another object. If you're pasting into a paint object, then the A object becomes part of the pixels of the B object and will not change by editing the A object.


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      Hi, Mike.

      I reread my posting. I made an error. I should have typed "on" instead of "in". I create a four inch square, and, a three inch circle that contains text. I drag the three inch circle (with its text) over the four inch square. From time to time, I change the text contents. I have dragged the circle and text on to the square, not in to the square.

      For example, I create a marketing document, that includes the business logo. I use this logo in multiple locations in the document. From time to time, I change the business logo. I would like to change the business logo master, only once, and then, each of those other usages would automatically reflect that change.



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        As far as I know, Canvas can't do that. The duplicate objects are individual and don't link to the original. If you're only changing the text, you can use the Find/Replace operation. Copy the logo text, click the Edit menu and choose Find. Paste the text in the Find field, and also paste it in the Change To field, then edit that text in Change To as you need. The click Change All. I just tested it in v4 and it works.


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          Thank you, Mike.