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Canvas X 2018 & the Draw roadmap

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  • Canvas X 2018 & the Draw roadmap

    I got an email yesterday announcing Canvas X 2018 with upgraded precision, copy/paste and shadows. It is targeted at aerospace, energy and engineering industries, and scientists. No mention of geology where Canvas was once widely used. Windows only.

    Which raises the question again of the roadmaps for Canvas and Draw. Will they be separate but parallel developments for the foreseeable future? Will they converge with the same file format? Will there be a Canvas X Mac version some day? Will Canvas get unicode? Will Draw get GIS?

    Many questions, but where does this all leave Mac users?

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    I didn't get that email, wonder why. I look at how much the development team included in Canvas Draw 4 and it seems to me that they're making great efforts to add features that have been requested, certainly a few I've requested. My guess is they have a limited number of programmers on the team, so it takes a lot of time from one version to the next.

    I actually wrote Albert Jimenez an email last week with a bug and asking where the next version stands. He usually replies quickly, but this time he hasn't.


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      My big problem is that I have not moved past Canvas Draw 2 since Canvas Draw 3 and Canvas Draw 4 both save to another file format other that .cxv. The problem is that the Canvas I have at work can not read the new format. So any work I would do on my Mac at home is worthless if I need to take it to work.

      The need to add the ability to save a file to .cvx for Canvas Draw 4


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        So why don't you just upgrade to CD4 on your other computers? CD4 can import all you older cvx files for you to use in cvd format. CD4 is so much better than CD2. I use CD4 on all my Macs. Its time to move on.


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          Agree 100%, you need to make the move. Canvas Draw 4 is the only version I will recommend, none before.


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            Again, since work has not Upgraded to 18, I am not able to work in a file at home and bring it to work since they are incompatible. Canvas 4 needs the ability to still save to the older .cvx file format for the ability to share files.


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              Seems to me the only way to stay compatible is to upgrade all the way around.


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                Canvas Draw has made it so I no longer need to open a virtual Windows machine to use Canvas X, so I have not upgraded Canvas X for some time. I do hope that GIS capabilities will eventually find their way into Canvas Draw. I think the development team has done a terrific job so far.