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v. 4.0.2 build 60 is now out

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  • v. 4.0.2 build 60 is now out

    This new version has two key improvements which mean I can start using Canvas Draw for more serious work. from the release notes:

    • PDF paste format is now supported in Canvas Draw. However, may have to select Paste Special to specify the format for pasting.
    • The option to import a PDF without adding white rectangle or polygon background.

    although the release notes don't say so specifically, it appears that Canvas now copies as PDF which means you can paste high quality graphics into Keynote, Pages, and a host of other programs. That will be a vast improvement to my workflow.

    Full release notes are here.

    Canvas Draw now clocks in at nearly half a gigabyte on your disk -- zowie, it is huge. On the other hand, Affinity Designer is now nearly a full GB and even Keynote is 600 MB!

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    Been using it for a couple of weeks. I'm happy that I can now turn off the Cameras & Scanners window. Also, the Find and Replace functions have improved. Albert also mentioned to me that they're going to start working on adding Style Sheets, good for me since I do a lot of text work.