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Canvas Draw 5 for Mac - A message from our CEO

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  • Canvas Draw 5 for Mac - A message from our CEO

    I received a message entitled "A message from our CEO" today:

    Do not miss out on the powerful new Canvas features coming your way this fall! Get the best price on every Canvas X upgrade with Software Assurance.

    What's planned for Canvas Draw 5?

    ♦ Touch bar feature
    ♦ Smart Snaps feature
    ♦ Table tool and object tool
    ♦ and much more!

    Wow, wow, wow! I just cannot wait!

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    How come I don't receive these messages, I'm on their mailing list? I hope it gets back style sheets for desktop publishing.


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      I just want to add how happy I am that ACD is letting the development team carry on with Canvas Draw for Mac. They've been doing a great job making improvements and adding back features that made Canvas the versatile application it was. I use it every day.


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        I echo Mike's sentiments - the continuing development of Canvas has been really valuable, and I also use it every day.