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  • Upgrade offers from ACD

    I've been trying to take advantage of their latest offer and sent an email to sales.
    No mention of GIS prices.
    To date haven't an answer but have been receiving standard emails fairly regularly re their offers since.
    Not sure what else to do.

    It's been pretty quiet here re the latest version, doesn't seem much excitement over it.
    (I'm a GIS user)
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    I was pretty annoyed by the latest offer. As you say not much in Canvas 2017 but I thought I should upgrade if only to get back the coloured icons I had in Canvas 15. At USD299 I thought the upgrade price was expensive and lacking in value. Then the USD199 offer comes out. As a customer of many years I feel a bit slapped around by this approach to pricing and will not be such an enthusiastic supporter of future upgrades.


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      Stuck with 15 as I liked the interface more than 16, but its had a total rework, kinda feels cheep compared to v9.
      I purchased two copies. One for home and the other for at work.
      Several export functions were dead running a 32 bit on 64bit. No explanations, just encouragement to get the v16.
      Several text editing functions are messed up.
      Exporting in some functions such as DXF is still messed up even on a 32 bit system.
      -ya, v9 just works better... Better interface, fewer export bugs.

      Others complained yes, of the icons, how to switch out. I thought the new icons were creative. But they were special when Mac OSX was new. Everything looked like carbon interface at that time and Canvas was one of the first applications to be available in Carbon code (if memory serves). The trouble is that some small icons are hard to read in monochromatic hues, so color really helps. If they fixed this in 17 that's great, but it wont be enough to get me to grab the latest and greatest.

      Really whats killing Canvas, is that ACDsee isn't the original developer, so they are having to make the app or shelve it. They dont even advertise it, so really, most people have no idea what it is or what it can do. This is for sure hurting them.
      -Try telling some one you use Canvas and they will look at you like your speaking martian. Probably try to convince you to use something else they will refer to an an industry standard.

      What keeps me on Canvas is that I can do anything Vector and not have to switch to another application for raster. I can perform both Vector and photoshop type work on one app, and it does it well. Would be nice to see the system updated, but not overhauled. Have seen some changes to vector, such as order of selection tools. Would love to see them sneak in some z-axis tools.

      I have always used Canvas for CAD. Since the oldest black and white copy, that ran on a Mac 512k.
      For me, the way Canvas is/was laid out, has always been the simplest application to create whatever I needed, even if exporting to another app. Canvas has been the core of all of my apps.

      As for responsiveness to sales... Trust me they are getting your emails. The last time they responded to me, they referred to a letter I had sent 9 months prior. You might not get a reply, but they are watching.

      Maybe they just haven't figured out how to nuke their spam? Barracuda... it works.


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        Thanks for responses.
        Paul I share your exasperation. I was following those prices and when that revised low one came I thought I'd support them and upgrade. But no mention of GIS in that price, hence email and subsequent post here.

        The icons never bothered me so any change there wasn't an improvement.

        Ah well, if they do respond I'll deal with it then.

        Rflulling I fully agree on your comments. It's a fantastic program in concept.
        Some real enthusiasm from the developers seems lacking which is a crying shame.

        9 months! Bit of time left for me then!


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          I was on the fence as to whether to upgrade or not for the same reasons others have mentioned earlier. I also agree with others as to the lack of new changes with this latest version. When I received the $199 upgrade offer I still had to think about it… but went ahead and decided to get the upgrade. This may be my last upgrade for Canvas, especially if ACD keeps pushing the subscription scheme that Adobe now uses.

          I love using Canvas and will always have it available as one of my go to graphics tools but I’m finding other programs that do a better job in specific areas (Clip Studio, Motion Artist, Photoshop).
          But no one beats the versatility of Canvas… yet.


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            Hi, Richard. My name is Daniel Kim from ACD Systems Sales Team.
            We are very sorry for the delay responding to your e-mail. If you could e-mail me directly (, I will get back to you in no time and will grant you the promotion.

            For those who are not fond of our subscription model, we will continue to provide a lifetime (perpetual) purchasing option.
            Also, we are bringing back our Software Assurance purchase option soon again for those who want to keep up with our latest publications of Canvas.
            For more info, please feel free to contact me at / 1-888-767-9888 Ext: 807
            Last edited by ACD Sales Team; 01-16-2017, 09:53 AM.


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              Daniel Kim,
              personally, I enjoy getting good deal. But am far more in favor of being done with a purchase than being on the hook perpetually.

              What bugs me, are bugs that were overlooked.
              Don't get me wrong I am die hard user, but have no issues calling out the issues.


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                Frankly, it is savvy customers like you who help us tremendously by calling out the issues/bugs we have in our software.
                We much appreciate such valuable feedbacks so that our dev team can work on it.
                I know we may have been slow in recent years but I think the company is gearing towards fixing as many reported bugs as fast as they can to enhance customer satisfaction.

                Also, buying the perpetual license will give you the lifetime ownership of the software.
                We do, however, have to charge an upgrade fee when you are looking to get the newer version of the software. (For ex: paying for upgrade to get Canvas X 2017 from Canvas X 2016).


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                  I don't think any one would question major revision updates. Though it really would be good to see updates for specific bugs laid out in the versions we have without needing to start over with a whole new iteration with it's own new unique bugs.

                  If you guys ARE paying attention, and don't mind letting us know you are paying attention now and then, that will be good for us all. Certainly good for the bottom line if buyers get quicker replies.


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                    A big thanks to Daniel for joining in here.
                    I'm up and running with the latest.
                    Haven't had time to give it a workout yet.

                    Much appreciated.


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                      Got an upgrade offer today, valid for 3 days. Uprgrade from Canvas GIS16 to Canvas X 2017 GIS for 99$ !!

                      I have both CVX 12 GIS and CVX16 GIS, but never use CVX16 because I hate the look of it and the missing button for Preserve data in the Resolution in the Properties bar. Now its back and the tools have colours, so maybe I´ll use CVX 17 insted of CVX12 now!
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                        FWIW, three crashes within a day of installing 17.


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                          roll back the system and see if crashes persist, without reinstalling CVX17


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                            First off, I am not going to do that just yet. Second, if I roll back the system, I know crashes will not persist because CVX17 will not be installed... and you said without reinstalling CVX17. Exactly how is that supposed to work???


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                              rolling back to see if crashes continue to verify if CVX17 was the cause. Unless you mean CVX17 is crashing itself?
                              scientific testing, and observation.