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Dimensioning and angle fields automaticly rounded

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  • Dimensioning and angle fields automaticly rounded

    I was a CANVAS 14 GIS User,
    I recently got CANVAS X 17 GIS and have some problems with it ...
    I have some difficulties with English speaking so a picture is better to explain my problem. Se attached
    I cann't create objetct with precise size (decimal size) using size and angle fields.

    I tried to send a mail to customer support but the message don't start because I dont know the License Code of CANVAS X 17 (I have only a license key)

    Anybody can help me ?

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    That is an odd behavior for Canvas. Typically one can enter the dimensional value to the decimal places displayed. In your example, you should be able to enter to one one-thousandths of a centimeter. In a recent project I set my number format to N.xxxxxx [+Exx] and set the width of an object to 0.000001 pt with no problem.

    You definitely need to contact customer support. I would think that license code = license key...